PandaDoc Integration

Is there a way to integrate Pandadoc with ease? I think this should be a great integration for Asana in the future as Pandadoc is the future for document creation.

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Hi @Mike_Tammaro, thanks for reaching out!

You can connect Asana with Pandadoc using Zapier → Connect your Asana to PandaDoc integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hello @Mike_Tammaro Michaela from Integromat here :wave:

Since there’s no native way of integrating Asana with Pandadoc at this point and since we’re talking third-party solutions, I was thinking I’ll step in for a bit to say that you can totally make this happen with Integromat. It’s a no-code platform that lets you connect Asana to pretty much any online service and automate all sorts of tasks and processes :robot:

To learn about the options of working with Asana and PandaDoc on Integromat, you can check out the features of the pre-made integrations:
:arrow_right: Asana on Integromat
:arrow_right: PandaDoc on Integromat

To give you an idea of what the automated workflow might look like, you could

  • compile (and send) documents from info in Asana tasks
  • create/update/delete an Asana task when a document is completed
  • upload the completed document to Asana as an attachment

And so forth and so on :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’d like to give Integromat a whirl, you can simply sign up for a free account and start exploring the magic of automation :nerd_face:


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