Paid Plan Workflow Requirements

Is a paid plan only required for the person building the workflows, or does everyone who is impacted by a workflow required to be on a paid plan also?

Hey @Matthew_Paisley

I see what you’re saying now. Please find the link below on upgrades and billing. I have also attached a screenshot that speaks to what you’re inquiring.

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Thank you for your response, @Mike_Tammaro. I am sorry if I am not phrasing my question properly, but can’t you upgrade each account independently? If my company wants to save some $, can’t they upgrade those who need more features and leave the other accounts the same?

Not really, everyone has to have the same plan, that’s the way Asana works. (with a few exceptions when using Divisions for example)

@Bastien_Siebman - That’s what I was trying to figure out. I didn’t know that everyone had to be on the same plan. Thanks for the response.

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