Overwhelmed by projects/tasks


Hi All,

I’m new to Asana and previously a Trello user. Our company has recently started using Asana as an internal tool between departments in order to minimise work load and make processes more effecient.

We’re essentially a mobile advertising company using this tool to Project manage each campaign we run cross departmentally. So I’m sure you can understand that we have multiple projects with multiple users and funny enough, multiple tasks :roll_eyes:

I know that I have the ability to organise my own dashboard with regards to projects… but is there a way to organise all projects (formatting/ team dashboard) in terms of view.

Any tips would be massively appreciated as this is going to become a fundamental tool for removing silos between departments and ensuring better workflow



You’re not the only one:

…and some other similar requests. Maybe Asana will give us these options one day. :wink: A workaround that might help you (not sure if that’s the kind of overview you want to have, but it helped me a lot with organizing projects through boards and in lists), would be to use ‘summary projects’:


Thank you @Tom_Suberg this is really helpful and I will definitely have a look into amending how we’re using the tool. I think you’re 100% accurate in that we’re applying to many projects. Thanks again :+1:


Hi @Bernie_Fischer

I’d definitely back up @Tom_Suberg’s suggestions. I’d also add that it can be useful to have tasks sit in multiple projects, as a way of everyone being updated at the same time.

At the moment, we have a template to manage large-scale developments. Embedded within the template are links to other teams’ projects (we put the URLs in task descriptions). For example, we have a Stakeholder Engagement Team, whose remit is to go and find contacts from various industries. If I need specific contacts for a development, I go into their project, create a task that contains my development’s name, then fill out the custom fields to let them know my specific requirements. I then add that task to my original development project, so that it now sits in both. If my requirements change, or if we need to update each other, we can each do it within that shared task.

I know that doesn’t necessarily help with the overview of many projects at once, but it’s an easy way of creating links between teams. I think most things are usually possible in Asana. It’s just a matter of being creative. :slight_smile: