Overview of tasks within projects in the timeline of the portfolio

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We are a team working in different projects at a time. We would like to see at a glance when specific tasks within two or more projects overlap in time becasuse if these uncompatible tasks overlap, the projects should be rescheduled.
We can see the portfolio timeline recapitulating all the projects, but each project is a solid line and it is not possible to see the different tasks within each project. Therefore, we cannot see whether these “key tasks” in different projects overlap in time. Is there any way to easily identify this situations?

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you could multihome each task for example.

By that I mean that you can create one project just for reporting and every single task of all projects that you require is added to this project.

For existing tasks you can multi-select up to 50 tasks at once via list view to add them to the other project.
(Or you can run an advanced search for all tasks in the projects required and save the search and then proceed from there.)

And then you can set up rules that every new task, added in any of these projects, is automatically added to the reporting project also (you can add them in a section per project name if you want to organize things further)

And then you can use timeline view to see overlapping tasks.

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