Overview of all teams and projects w/o tasks

We have a several teams and projects per team. Now we’d like to gain an overview like

Team1 | Proj11
Team1 | Proj12
Team1 | Proj13
Team2 | Proj21
Team2 | Proj22

Is there any way on how to accomplish such an overview?

I don’t think that is possible with Asana, but that is a good idea for a small external tool :stuck_out_tongue: Would that interest anyone?


That would be great! Need better overview views in Asana.

I’m sure you could work your magic and make it as valuable as your other tools https://minimalist-work.com/asana/tags and https://minimalist-work.com/asana/custom-fields. Especially by presenting info that isn’t readily apparent in Asana from a top level view.
Team info: privacy level, members that are set to approve membership, number of non-archived Projects, a full list of all Projects vs 5, a full list of Team members
Project info: Project owner, Projects with guests, a full list of Project members
Sorting and Filtering: project owner, privacy level


A first version is available! I called it Asana Overview.

@Vince_Mustachio I did not implement your requests yet.

Team info:

  • privacy level -> not available
  • members that are set to approve membership -> not available
  • number of non-archived Projects -> done
  • a full list of all Projects vs 5 -> what do you mean by “vs 5”?
  • a full list of Team members -> done

Project info: Project owner, Projects with guests, a full list of Project members -> will do

Sorting and Filtering:

  • project owner -> will do
  • privacy level -> not available

@Bastien_Siebman, you are making a strong case for https://minimalist-work.com/asana to be a necessary tool for anyone that uses Asana.

non-archived Projects
For me, the Project lists and counts in your tool are including archived and non-archived Projects. Both are valuable, but I assume must people, must of the time will only want to see the non-archived Projects and the archived Projects occasionally.

“vs 5”
I was highlighting that the Asana UI only lists 5 Projects per Team by default in the sidebar. And that your tool could provide a full list of Teams and Projects, which it does and is going to add value for Asana users that they aren’t getting from Asana.


Newest feature :tada::

  • new design
  • show archive status
  • show members
  • show collaborators
  • show owner
  • show custom fields

Next on the list:

  • add filters & sorters
  • fix for Safari and Firefox
  • add a “what can see X” to check a user vision

You can know decide to hide or show archived projects!


(One question. What’s a collaborator in the context of a Project?)

I am actually not sure. Here’s what the doc says…

Collaborators of a project are a subset of the members of that project. Collaborators of a project will receive all updates including tasks created, added and removed from that project. Members of the project have access to and will receive status updates of the project. Adding collaborators to a project will add them as members if they are not already, removing collaborators from a project will not affect membership.

Does that ring a bell?

I found this in the Project API doc for the field:

Array of users following this project. Collaborators are a subset of members who receive all notifications for a project, the default notification setting when adding members to a project in-product.

I think this is found in [Project] > Share > Manage Member Notifications


Wow that’s using a lot of words to provide a lack of clarity. But it points in the right direction.

A little quick testing and a Project collaborator is a Project member that has the Member Notification Setting of Tasks Added enabled. The other 2 settings (Status Updates and Conversations) don’t have an effect.

It’s probably more valuable to list the Project members that aren’t collaborators than are collaborators. (It’s always a subset.)
And clearly it would be valuable to user a different term than collaborator if you choice to keep presenting the information.
If you use both my suggestions, you could change collaborators to Project members that aren’t notified of new Tasks. Wordy, but I can’t think of a good way to condense it and get across the same meaning.

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Good points, @Vince_Mustachio. I think a good presentation would be to list each avatar once only.

An option would be to caption this section “Members:” and place each avatar into one of two subgroups captioned something like “Notified for new tasks:” and “Not notified:”.


I added a section “members notified of new tasks” and “members not notified of new tasks” that you can hide :+1:

I updated the page with a toggle “show technical info” to show ids of teams and projects. Might be useful when doing technical work with a client.

I also added a counter for the number of teams and projects below the page title. :+1:

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I have just updated the tool to show each project default view :eyeglasses: