Overdue tasks not showing up in daily email

There’s a major problem with the roll out of the updated “daily summary” email. It used to include overdue tasks for a week past their due date, as well as those current & upcoming. I relied on this extensively. Today my email showed tasks over due by only 1 day. I searched the site & saw this “Tip” - “Overdue tasks will not appear in Daily Summary emails.”
This is bad for me. Is there a way around this? Any hack to customize the email to include overdue tasks?

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Hi @Allison_Kozak and thanks for reaching out.

As it stands, we don’t have an option to customize these emails, but that sounds like a great #productfeedback opportunity. In the meantime, you could create adn save the following report to follow-up on your overdue task:

I completely understand this is not ideal, but I hope it can help until we come up with a better solution :slight_smile:

Why was the change made? It seems like, if something works, don’t change it. I ran the report - thanks very much for the idea - it’s sorting weirdly with “Sort: Due Date” but it will do for now.

Any update on this? We would also prefer to see any overdue tasks on the emails (just incase something has been missed) can this be added back in or at least give users the option to turn it on/off?