Overdue tasks not showing up in daily email

There’s a major problem with the roll out of the updated “daily summary” email. It used to include overdue tasks for a week past their due date, as well as those current & upcoming. I relied on this extensively. Today my email showed tasks over due by only 1 day. I searched the site & saw this “Tip” - “Overdue tasks will not appear in Daily Summary emails.”
This is bad for me. Is there a way around this? Any hack to customize the email to include overdue tasks?

Hi @Allison_Kozak and thanks for reaching out.

As it stands, we don’t have an option to customize these emails, but that sounds like a great #productfeedback opportunity. In the meantime, you could create adn save the following report to follow-up on your overdue task:

I completely understand this is not ideal, but I hope it can help until we come up with a better solution :slight_smile:

Why was the change made? It seems like, if something works, don’t change it. I ran the report - thanks very much for the idea - it’s sorting weirdly with “Sort: Due Date” but it will do for now.