Hello everyone,

this message to warn the entire community. I took out a subscription for 3 places for my team. But it turns out that the system considered that I added too many people to the team. I was therefore billed without ANY CONSENT for 15 places automatically. That is 1700 euros for which I was billed.

This is a fraudulent business practice. It’s been days since I contacted customer service with no response from them.

I am hesitant to find another supplier. Advices ?

Hello @David_Kugler,

I am sorry to hear about this. I am sure this was not intentional.
The subscription offerings increase in increments of 5 users when total users are less than or equal to 30. The price per user also differs if you pay monthly or yearly.
Basically everybody that joins the team/org with an email from the org domain will be considered as user.

Unfortunately here in the forum we have no insight into user accounts or billing, so you‘d have to await the response from support. Their response time depends on the plan you are on. Also whenever you send a reminder your request get‘s pushed to the end of the queue.

@Marie maybe you can take a look. Thank you

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thanks for you return @Andrea_Mayer. In facts I had a 3 places subscription offering (all from the same organisation). I’ve added some external people from my org domain.

Anyway, how is it even possible to automatically change the subscription offering without asking before or sending a message to warn that there is an issue that has to solved?

Moreover, @Marie it’s been three days now that I’ve tried to get an answer from the support. Usually, they are quite responsive but in this case they are not … So I guess I’ll just have to wait or contact the legal department in my company.

Update: someone send me an email today, to inform me that “the office is closed” and that I’ll have to wait. I don’t have the words to tell you how disappointed I am from “the support”.

Hi @David_Kugler and sorry to hear about your experience so far.

Unfortunately I can’t directly help with billing issues via the Forum as they involve a lot of private information, but I’ve gone ahead and flagged your case to our support team - they should be in touch soon.

I can see you have contacted our support team multiple time over the last few days/hours. Because our team is working from oldest to newest request, every time you’re write into us, your request is sent back to the bottom of our support queue. That likely explains why you haven’t received a response yet.

Our french speaking team is based in Dublin, Ireland. Today (Feb 5th) is a bank holiday, that’s why you have received a message letting you know the office is closed. The team will be back tomorrow and tackle all requests received this weekend.

I hope this gets resolved asap!

Hi. @Marie, thanks for you return. I can understand that for privacy reasons you cannot help me on a public forum. That’s not entirely my point. I just want to know how and why can ASANA automatically overcharge users and change a 3 places subscription to a 15? To answer this question you don’t have to use any of my datas.



Hi everyone, FYI: still no answer and, moreover, still no payback.

Are you having the same issues with the support?



Hi @David_Kugler and thanks again for your patience. I’m closing this thread since you have received a refund and worked with our team to downgrade your subscription back to 2 seats.