Overall Activity Feed - everything: comments, Task description changes, workflow updates, etc


I apologize if this is a repeat of other requests, so please feel free to merge wherever this should go. I searched around but could not find a request for an Asana-wide Activity Feed

There is this post here:

But I am looking for a feed that would cover the entirety of what happens in all of Asana. In my set up, users are in multiple teams, which I use more like “Spaces” as I have a small team that wears many hats.

This is a key feature of Jira, for which we just got a very close integration, so that’s an example of the usefulness.

I have in mind things like

  • when a task is updated in any way: that could be edits to the description, comments, custom fields changed, etc.

  • Changes in Projects status.

  • Conversation updates around Asana.

I think this would be a great addition the “Home” section

And to go along with the quoted request, I would definitely like to see a similar feed on a Team and Project basis. All that involves is filtering this entire activity stream around those containers within Asana.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for the consideration!

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