Outside collaborators of a task can't see the project the task is in

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I have a question on collaborators and tasks. I’m assigning specific tasks to collaborators outside of my organization, but I noticed that they can’t see the project or the section the task is in or any of the fields. I want to assign them specific tasks to minimize their visibility, since one project will have a lot of things we are tracking that are irrelevant to them. We also have multiple projects running with same tasks. If they can’t see what project they are in, it’s a little useless for them or for me. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be assigning collaborators to the project, but if I understand this correctly, they would see all the tasks and not just what they are assigned to, Do they need to upgrade to premium?


Hi @Eric_Sung

There is a really good article explanation from @Bastien_Siebman here which provides some insight have a look through this;

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