Outlook Live integration crashing every log in attempt

Asana add on for Outlook Live initially worked quite well. But a few weeks back it logged me out of Asana and then every time I try to log in (and click allow to take me to log in) it takes me to a separate window, I log in to Asana successfully, but then I get taken back to Outlook live online and the add-on (right and side widget) reverts to the same ‘Sign up’ or ‘Login’ page. It does not recognize that I successfully log in each time and am in fact also logged in on Desktop and Browser. So I am no longer able to use the integration.

Using latest Chrome version
Have followed all the steps suggested here so far, left a comment but wasn’t picked up so starting a new thread:

I wonder if anyone can help?

Hi @Cameron_Kent, thanks for reaching out! The steps shared in this comment usually solve this type of issues. If you don’t see the option in your browser, I recommend you to contact our support team so they can investigate further and help you solve this as soon as possible.

We do also recommend users trying to uninstall then reinstall the add-in and confirm if the log in issue persists:

To uninstall

To reinstall:

  1. Click the red store icon on the Outlook Desktop app (for 2016 version or later)
  2. Select “Manage add-ins” from the menu
  3. Search for Asana for Outlook
  4. Click “Add”

When you contact our support team please share the URL of this thread to speed up the process.

Hope this is solved soon!

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