Outlook Asana plugin - Slow searches


I just helped a client of mine that was experiencing problems with Outlook 2016. He had slow searches and the desktop application was feeling slow. Was looking into upgrading ram and such. But then we uninstalled the Asana plugin and all started going smooth again. Any others that have experienced this?

Also he always had to re-enter his login info. Could this be due to using alot of email accounts?

(Windows 10, Outlook 2016, Office 365)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @Jonas_O and thanks for reaching out!

If the integration stopped being slow after you reinstalled it, it probably means there was something wrong with the integration cache. Reinstalling completely clears your cache and is often the quickest solution to this type of problems!

And yes, if your client uses different Outlook account, it could explain why they have tore- enter their credential. With that said, other users have reported a similar issue in Asana Outlook add-in, needs to login for every task created and we’re currently investigating this internally!

Hope this helps Jonas, please let me know if you have any additional questions!