Outlook Addin: include deeplink to original email



Please make make the Outlook addin include the email deeplink as a comment (Example: https://outlook.live.com/mail/deeplink/read/AQMkAD…) so when you click from Asana you are taken directly to the original email.

I just did this manually to show the idea, but this should be automatic, its much better than inserting the raw text of the email:


Thank you so much for providing us with your feedback @Juan_Diego! Moving your post to the #productfeedback to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request!


Agreed. This way one can reply without the need to search for this email. You can achieve this by manually dragging the email into the asana task by using https://www.dragdrop.com/. Would be great if it can be done with a hotkey or better yet when using the outlook link