Outlook Add-in cannot be pinned creating a delay every time it is opened - this cannot be by design surely?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I am trying to use Microsoft Outlook Add-in on a Mac or PC and the add-in seems to have no option to be pinned meaning it needs to be re-opened every time.

Steps to reproduce:
Simply click to launch the add-in and then move to the next email and you need to re-open the add-in.

Browser version:
All versions.

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Neil, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

When you say that the Outlook Add-in cannot be pinned, could you please provide a screenshot of where exactly you expect this to be pinned so that I can look into this further for you? :slight_smile:

I was expecting that the Outlook Add-In for Asana would appear to the right of the email and would show a pin as per Wrike so that the Add-In is always available.

Hi @Neil, thanks for getting back to us! I had a look at the Asana for Outlook add-in and I see the Asana icon appear in the email so you can quickly create tasks in Asana while you are reading your emails. If you click the arrow icon in the top right corner of your email options and you move to the next email, the add-on should remain open. You can find more details and screenshots in this article: Syncing Asana with Outlook | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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