Outlook add-in becomes unrepsonsive


I have to restart Outlook a few times throughout the day because the Asana buttons in the ribbon become unresponsive.

Not sure if this is just a glitch on my end or a widespread issue.


Hi @Kyriaki_Tsaganis, welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble here! Let’s try to solve this together!

This seems like a browser issue, I recommend you following the steps listed in this article . Let me know if the issue persists or if you have any other questions!

Thanks, Emily. I’m using Outlook for Mac. Anything I can try for that?

I see @Kyriaki_Tsaganis, thanks for confirming! Can you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the add-in? You can find the steps for macOS in this article.

Please note the add-in is compatible with Outlook Exchange Online (Office 365 subscription), On-premises Exchange Server is not supported.

Also make sure you currently have one of this Outlook versions:

  1. Outlook 2013 P1+
  2. Outlook 2016 (except MSI version - see Tony’s comment below)
  3. Outlook Web App

Looking forward to your reply!