OSX App 1.10.0 Unsaved Changes Warning -- New Task Cmd-Shift-Plus

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Unsaved changes dialog warning pops up when using cmd-shift-+ to create
Steps to reproduce:
Create task with cmd-shift-+, click Create Task button
Browser version:
OSX App v1.10.0, OSX v12.5.1, Safari v15.6.1
Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Gus_Mairs, thanks for flagging this.

Could you please uninstall and reinstall the Asana app and let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

That problem has stopped for now, even without reinstalling the app. It was completely constant and reproducible until I reported it, I swear.

I’m happy to hear it’s resolved, @Gus_Mairs! I’m going to move this thread to the #bugs:closed section but if the issue reoccurs, just let me know and we can investigate further :slight_smile:

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