Organizing Sections


Is there any way to organize a Section of tasks? We is Sections to manage or projects and would like to be able to sort each Section, by date, custom field or owner. I know we can drill down on this in advanced reports, but would like it to exist in overall Asana.


I might need more details, but it is possible to sort your items. I don’t think the sort routine works very well though in all situations and there are undoubtedly complications due to user preferences. I have a test project I was playing with that has two sections that demonstrates this somewhat. This is how it looks with no sorting:

You can change the sort to be by Assignee with the sort button (the two lines with circles in the top right):

You can see that it creates an aggregation of the assignees (in this case just me and the unassigned categories) and then breaks up what each person has for each defined Section (ongoing and completed votes):

Sorting by Due Date feels less useful to me. I think this is because the higher level aggregation becomes the date and that is difficult to categorize (so they drop the Sections if a date is set). For instance, how do you sort all items with a due date? Categorize sections by due dates on the same day? In the same week? Just sort all the due dates within each section (this option seems useful to me but isn’t how it’s done and is where I think solving this could be difficult as people could have differing preferences)? In the end you get this:

Slightly unrelated, I’d always wondered what was meant by the little icon of the person next to the two lines with circles:
It’s just a quick choice for sorting by assignee. Now I know how I was goofing up my views. I learned something :slight_smile:, thanks.


@RyanE this is a gorgeous example of how to use subtasks & our sort/filter view option!

Thanks for sharing!


I am absolutely looking for the use case to sort the due dates within a section, and it would be really helpful when building out our really large projects. Anyone know if there is a workaround?


I would love this too!