Organizing Projects in Workspace

So, I am super glad that our team has started to use Asana in earnest. Now we have a long list and growing of projects. However, is there a way to create workspaces within our main workspace that each lawyer and their team uses? Otherwise all the projects are listed together under SegevLLP.


Hi @George_Muenz, and welcome to the forum!

You can’t have a Workspace within a Workspace, but what you’re looking for is Teams!

Do you know if your account was set up to be a Workspace or an Organization? Hopefully the latter, because then you can create Teams within the Organization.

Here is some information on Organizations, Workspaces, and Teams - take a look at these writeups, and feel free to ask questions if you need more help or clarification:

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Ok, it’s confusing. I need someone to look at what we have and advise how to organize these projects.

Not exactly sure what you have in mind. The forum is mostly all fellow users advising each other; we’re not able to look at your account but can definitely help if you have more specific questions and can post screenshots.

Asana provides email-based support; you can initiate that by going here, clicking “I’m having trouble with…”, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Let’s talk”.

You can also get paid help by using an Asana Certified Pro consultant; you can find one of those here.