Organizing Projects in Custom Order in the Side Menu



Is there a way to organize the projects in the side menu in a custom order? Right now the new projects stack at the bottom of the list under each team.
Would be very efficient to have the option to organize it after projects continue to add the team queue.



You should be able to drag and drop the projects to order them as you want. Is it not working?


Hi Julien! thanks for you quick reply. Is not working. I dont have the dragndrop option.


You know what! it was a matter of UX. I am used to having the mouse icon change when hovering over the DnD component. I just tried and it works just fine! thanks!!


Hi @Maurizio_Acquavella, are you trying to change the order of a Personal Project because that doesn’t work but for a workspace you can reorder your side projects


Hi @Mihow. Workspace basically. thanks!