Organizing custom templates


Currently we using a standard naming convention (preface the name with “template”) to identify and group custom templates together in the projects list on the l/h nav… However, I would prefer to keep the project list as uncluttered as possible, and not have templates appear there at all…is there a way to organize templates differently such that they are not mixed in with active non template projects? Seems like I must be missing something, but no luck finding anything related to this in the documentation…


It’s Asana that’s currently missing something. Their mind model of templates (for tasks or projects) treats them as equivalent to the non-template tasks or projects. So we all have to look at our templates everywhere.


Hey @scott_moore2! Great question. I havent thought about how that would look when there are too many templates for organization. I had this issue when creating projects for my 1:1 work with direct reports. What I did was, created a new team of one (me,) and added all to that team. It is not a perfect scenario, but you could host all templates inside of that team, provide team access or different accesses at the template level, and then minimize the team when you dont need to see the templates. Love to hear how it works.


I simply created a team called TEMPLATES and placed all template projects in there.