Organizations and Workspaces



I just started working with a client and have an email address for their company url. I started an asana and named it as their organization. The guy wants full control over it. (I don’t blame him… he was burned by his last assistant) How can I give him all of the access and take me off of it? I just want to add it as my workspace instead of it being an organization. I’ve read on the help tutorial that he will have access to everything when I leave the organization, however I want to do it now to start building the trust.


@Kandra_Hamric A couple questions:

  1. Did you add it with an email address with his domain and create an organization?
  2. Provided you added it as an organization, does it show on the upper right menu Organizational Settings?
  3. If so add his email address as an Administrator
  4. Once he is an Administrator one or both I believe should be able to Edit Administrators. My recollection is you can then can be taken off.

If this is not the case just email Asana Support after he is added to the organization presumably under the same domain that you use to open the account.


Hey @Kandra_Hamric, Michael from Asana here

@James_Carl is right on the money here.

The only thing I would add to this is that admins are available with premium Organization plans. Free Orgs or a premium team in an Org does not come with admin capabilities.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: