I am working with someone who invited me to her Asana Team. I tried to open an account for my business but when I signed up, because she already had sent me an invite, it plugs me in to her team/organization. I would like to have my own organization so I’m not sure if I have to do something differently. When I go to my avatar, it shows her organization, not mine.


Hi Marti :wave:

Hopefully, I can help you with that. Your accounts will be merged as one and the way that you create a new space for your organization is through a new workspace. If you select your profile you will get a dropdown menu. Select more and create a new workspace. You can create one for your organization and you can add an email address that is specific to that workspace. Once it’s created you will toggle between the workspaces through the same menu. As you can see by my image below I have two workspaces, one is my office and another that is a personal workspace.


Here is some more information about creating new workspaces and upgrading to organizations. I hope this helps.