Organization Tip of the Day- Notes and other private projects



It can be very helpful to have a place to capture miscellaneous notes, thoughts, and ideas. If you have a dedicated space set aside for these types of ideas, you can easily capture them in the moment and also ensure you’ll be able to find them and action them later as needed.

I’d recommend creating a private notes project in Asana for this. You can also quickly capture these ideas in your My Tasks list on the Asana mobile app, and then move them into your notes project or action them when you get back to your desk.


Another way to tackle this is to create a task without a project and/or without tags in the relevant workspace. Then create a saved search for any tasks without projects/tags (i.e. orphan tasks). It would be even better if Asana had a default “Parking Lot” feature that automatically collected any orphan tasks.