Organization Tip of the Day- Naming conventions


Naming conventions can help keep your tasks and projects organized and help your team find information more quickly. Try establishing naming conventions and other standard conventions with your team.


Definitely! We discovered this when we first set up Asana. We develop qualifications, which all have very similar titles - for example, Level 2 Technical Award in Digital Technologies. The trouble, is, we’re currently developing quite a few Level 2 Technical Awards, so our sidebar was a long list of ‘Level 2 Technical Award in …’

We set up the naming convention - Subject title, level, qualification type. Now we can see the subject first, it’s so much easier to identify which development is which.

I’m really enjoying these daily tips, @Kaitie



I love hearing about your conventions, @Mark_Hudson - it seems like a great system. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the feedback!