Organization Tip of the Day- Add tasks to multiple projects



Organizing information into groups based on relevance is a great way to structure large amounts of information into digestible components. You can create as many groupings or associations as needed, and you can always re-arrange information as you go.

In Asana, you can add tasks to multiple projects to keep them grouped with any number of relevant projects. This keeps all the right information associated and accessible for every applicable team, while ensuring there is only one task to update as progress is made.


This was the reason I moved to Asana and have loved it ever since.

I have main Projects, and then active tasks for those projects are also in what I call my “Action List Projects” which are defined by what the action is. So I might have 20 projects that all have tasks that require me to be in my email, and so I’d rather process the available tasks in the single action lists rather than clicking through 20 projects to find the emails I might have to send.

Excellent feature!