Organization Setup Issues


I’m trying to determine the best way to setup my organization in Asana. I’m currently in a premiere trial setup as an organization and am already seeing issues with how members and guest accounts work.

I have roughly 30 total users. I manage a creative team for a non-profit. Only 10 of the users are on my team and will need access to all of the projects on the account. The rest of the users are internal clients from other departments in my organization that share the same .com domain for email addresses. I want the internal clients to be “guests” and not have access to everything… only projects that I add them to. I tried to use alias addresses through gsuite for the “guest” accounts but because we use gmail for aliases, inbound email notification replies into Asana don’t work. If not for that issue, everything would be working perfectly. I setup a “team” for each department (11 teams/departments total) in our organization that my creative team works with, with departmental projects organized by team. Then I added the client/guest users from those departments as guests using alias email addresses so that they would only be able to see the specific projects in their department. It works great other than the gmail alias issue where they can’t reply from email to Asana notifications.

How can I set my account up to fit my workflow? If I downgrade my account from an organization to a workspace, will I still have the same gmail alias domain issues? In a workspace, is anyone with a domain email address considered a paid member and able to see all projects?

Is it possible to have someone as a member of an organization but limit the teams and projects that they can view? It doesn’t appear to work like that to me.

I have everything setup and built out and ready to deploy, but need to figure out this issue ASAP.


Hi @John_Rolf, If I understand, I think you can eliminate the aliases, stick with Premium, stay with an organization not a workspace, perhaps even eliminate some of the department-teams, and use:

to address your other issues. You’ll have to pay for a seat for each user using an email address with your org’s domain, but it sounds like you were prepared for that.

Hope that helps,


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