Organization exports


I am trying to request organization exports from postman and followed the instructions as per the documentation but still getting a 400 - Bad Request error (see attached)

The token i am passing is a service account token and the parameter: organization is the organization id I got as a response for Get /workspaces. Is there something I’m missing ?

I eventually intend to write a powershell script for this but just wanted to understand the request first.

Thanks in advance !


I can think of a couple of possible issues. First off, this API call is only available for Enterprise-level organizations - is the organization that you’re trying to export an Enterprise organization?


That would be surprising that in this case the error is “invalid JSON” :thinking:
@johnnygoodnow any idea?


Yes it is.


I think thar the problem is that you cannot make a post request with parameters in url.

Choose body > raw (and select Json) or x-www-form-urlencoded.


Thanks @Diakoptis ! That worked.