Organization (domain) and User Management Limit



Today, speaking with Asana support, it said to me:
> It is not possible to prevent another person from creating an Asana account with an @***.it email address

Like I’m sure you know, organization are based on the domain of the email, when login is on Google Account.

So I figure out that when a user can login in that domain with a google account, it may login like an asana member of organization and we (administrators) can’t prevent it.


I am not sure to understand. How can someone you don’t know can end up with an email address from your company?


He isn’t someone I don’t know. He is someone I know and someone on my same email domain!
But it isn’t sufficient reason to permit to him to enter on my Asana Organization.

Please try to image you are a company called “MyDomain” and all your collegues have the emails “[someone]”.

If you create an Asana Organization, based on Google Login, all collegues may log in Asana with “[someone]” and Asana creates on fly a member user.


When he logs in he won’t have access to anything. He will be able to create tasks but only seen by him. He has to be invited to Teams, if I am not mistaken!


Of course, but I can’t consider right that any user with may logs and is counted like a (paid) member.

I think an admin needs to decide:

  • permit access to all users
  • permit access only to some users
  • lock access to some users

This is a right user management for organization!


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