Organising My Tasks in the evening


Hello Asanas,

One of my routines is to plan ahead. In the evening I make sure that my tasks are ready for the day after, so that in the morning I am ready to go. This helps me focussing my mornings to getting things done, and plan the next day in the evening.
The challenge is that the calendar and the tasks in “My Tasks” are updated at midnight, which is completely logical, but that does not allow a 9pm wrap-up.

Wouldn’t it be great to tell asana to process the next day’s tasks at a specific time? For example, I would love to have a button that, when pressed, adds all the next day’s tasks to My Tasks in “today” and so on.

Am I the only one with the need of a clearer view of the next day in the evening? :slight_smile:



Sounds logical. I am all for ideas like this. Nobody here has the exact same needs. In general i think Asana needs more flexibility like this. If i need a specifik time for updating my task this option exist somewhere in a options menu. if i dont i never have to know the option is there.

I would like to know what Asana thinks of suggestions like this? I have the feeling that Asana believes somewhat in a more controlled environment. The down side of a flexible setup i would guess (im not a software engineer) is that it make the coding a lot more complex? Or is it more that options make people confused? What do you guys think?


Okay a cheat way of doing it would be to change your time zone to plus 3 hours… Then they would appear.
Or you could do a search based on what is assigned to you due tomorrow do you review and plan and then they would appear. The only problem maybe that if you reorder the priority it may not appear.


I have a saved search called “Tomorrow’s Tasks” (actually the next 2 days worth of incomplete tasks) that I review at the end of each day. If something can wait, I shift it further back. Everything else I actually plan to work on the next day, I multi-select and move to Today (Tab-Y). Back on the My Tasks view, sort and group them into batches/sections of whatever makes sense (i.e. essential tasks, admin, follow up). Auto task promotion has no way of knowing how I will sequence tasks, this beats it to the punch. That way I can come in the next day and just go. This also appears to be a sensible way to manage my energy - plan when I’m tired, execute when I’m fresh.


@Scott_Dellar Wow that sounds great. I am going to give that a go, with my planning. As I seem to just get stuck with the New & Today tasks…


Thanks @Scott_Dellar a good observation!!!