Organisation - Team member without his own email address


Good morning,

we just started using Asana for our company. Most of the employees do have there own email address, but there are employee who don’t have there own. It doesn’t felt necessary when someone is working only once or twice a week half a day. They are using the email address. The email address is used by everyone in the daily business, when general inquiries are coming in and so on.

What would you do? Invite a “shared member”, the, or would you consider creating a new email address,, that is only used for Asana?

(We are working in an Organisation, not a Workspace)



I would suggest creating a new email address… Only for the reason that you might have impacts not anticipated and it would be easy to manage if a limited number of users where using it to start off with.




if you are using a paid account, you have a couple of options

  1. create emails for them as @Jason_Woods just suggested
  2. invite them as guests to your project using their personal emails ( for example

having their email under your company website will help you keep everything under your control on the long term, but you can also do the control by giving the guys on the part-time job limited access to some of the projects on your organization account.

I’m not sure if there are other options!

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