Ordering sequential tasks in a list


in a list of tasks within a project, what is the best way to indicate the sequential order in which these should be completed for assignees?
i can see how to build the list but if i order them on my end the order doesn’t seem to display for the task assignees


Hi @Tiz

If you put the tasks in a sequence within a project, they should stay in that order once you’ve selected ‘Save View for Everyone’ in the Change View settings:


If the assignees manage those tasks via their My Tasks section, rather than going into the project itself, I can see how that would cause issues. In that case, if you have a premium account, you could create a drop-down custom field to indicate the sequence. That’s what I would do.

If you don’t have a premium account, you could use section titles within the project to indicate the sequential order. Those sections are visible in each task pane, next to the project in which that task sits:


I hope that helps!