Order of Teams returned in the API

When I retrieve a list of Tasks in a Project, or a list of Projects in a Team or Workspace, the order of the items returned seems to correctly match their position in my Asana UI. But the same doesn’t seem to be true for Teams - the order of Teams that’s returned to me doesn’t match the order seen in my UI. Am I missing an option or parameter?

@Diakoptis you are working a lot with the API, maybe you can help? I think I have the same issue with Organizations.

Hey @Phil_Seeman ,

the order for teams is not the same as in UI. API returns teams ordering by creation time. I don’t know why this is not consistent with the other endpoints.

Maybe Asana API team can inform us better.

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@Diakoptis Thanks for replying and letting me know at least I wasn’t missing something or going crazy. Hopefully Asana team can weigh in with more info.

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