Order Dragging in Firefox for Mac doesn't Work


Hi does anyone use Firefox on a Mac and the dragging of a task to reorder it in the list doesn’t work?
Works fine on Chrome but for Some Reason Firefox isn’t working.
Am using version 57.2.3



Firefox 59.0.2 on a Mac. Working for me.


Hi @Jason_Woods are you able to reproduce in an incognito window? Just wondering if the issue could be related to some extension installed on your browser? Keep us posted!


Thanks @marie @vince_mustachio will give both suggestions a go and update.


Okay so this morning after trying both it seems to work. Seems my firefox version was old and now on 59.0.2.

So all good, will keep using Firefox for a bit longer…


I have this issue! Unfortunately it’s inconsistent, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I experience it regularly on Firefox Mac.


I wonder if it’s because I’m on an older late-2012 iMac…


Possibly @Kenneth_Berger! What’s your version of Firefox? Do you have an update available?


Nope, I’m on the latest! 61.something, I’m away from my computer. It said I had the latest version yesterday anyway. Usually it works when I first open the browser but then i get a weird visual artifact and can only move items using keyboard shortcuts.


Sorry for the late follow-up @Kenneth_Berger! I’m happy to escalate the issue to our Development Team, but in order to help them, I would you to confirm what version of Firefox and which OS you’re using.

Also, can you confirm whether or not you’re able to reproduce the issue with an incognito window?

I look forward to your reply!


Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bit)
Mac OS 10.13.6

Unfortunately the issue is intermittent and I wasn’t able to reproduce it just now. I’ll keep trying to find a consistent way to reproduce and follow up.