Option to open and close all the sections/topics on a Portfolio at once. Remember the status for the next time the Portfolio is visited.


Our web sites development team uses a Portfolio to manage the projects we are developing. It is possible to visualize all the projects by the phase they’re in and check other valuable information like the project owner and delivery date.

The default view we use is the one sorting the projects by phase. Phase is a drop down custom field we created.

When clicking the phase name Asana hides the projects in that specific phase, this is specially helpful when we wish to get the information of projects that are in the ‘layout’ phase or the ‘content’ phase, for example. To see the hidden projects back again is as easy as clicking the phase name one more time.

The problem is every time we access the Portfolio again, Asana doesn’t remember the viewing state we left for phases (showing or hiding the projects), so we have to click several times to get to the same view we need.

There could be an option to “show all” or “hide all” projects, like Gmail has to open or close an email thread.

What do you guys think? Is there anyone who uses Portfolios like this and misses this functionality?

Hi @Neyl and thank you so much for both sharing your feedback and providing us with all context and details, that is super useful!

Saving you view as the default layout (see screenshot below) should save your view (sorted by custom fields), but it won’t save your your section display. Hopefully this is something we can implement in a future update :crossed_fingers:t3:I’ll make sure to keep you posted here when I have some updates on my end!

Have a great day :slight_smile:


@Neyl Hi Neyl.

We’ve been struggling with the Portfolios views since there’s no way to sort the Projects, nor to create Phases that have time/duration associated with them (not to mention not being able to view by Project in the Workload view). But, in your screenshot you have successfully added what look like Sections to your Portfolio/Projects view. Can you explain how you did that?

Thank you!