Option to hide task history



I often find the task history distracting and very rarely of any use. Would be great if we could hide or collapse this.

Note: I’d originally thought maybe just move to the bottom, rather than at the top where it currently sits, but expect there is a pro/con either way with this.

Collapse the "Updates" section under the SubTasks section

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I would like to Collapse the Updates Section under the Sub tasks section in order to see more COMMENTS without scrolling. I already have to scroll the comments section because they are only sorted by Oldest first (fyi: big issue for me)55%20AM


Welcome to the Community Forum @Ron_Sheridan1 and thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic in the #productfeedback category, so I have gone ahead and merged your thread to consolidate feedback. Feel free to add your vote to the main thread, as votes don’t carry over when threads are merged!