Option To Archive Teams

+1 vote for archiving teams feature! I’m surprised and disappointed to learn you can’t - definitely not ideal

I work for an agency and we also have this issue. We use teams as Client “projects” and all projects related to those clients under the team heading. I thought I would share my work around with you.

  • Adopt a clear naming convention for teams and projects Example: Team Name = Sample Client Every project under that client team is named Sample Client - [Service Area] or SC - [Service Area]

  • Create an email asana@… and add to your Asana members

  • When you are ready to archive a client

  1. add the Asana@ member to the team
  2. make sure the team membership is open to organization (so someone else can join later and bring it up)
  3. archive each project
  4. Rename the Team X - Sample Client
  5. remove everyone but asana@ from the team

This will make it so the team (and it’s now hidden projects) are not still showing on everyone’s left hand column, in effect you have “archived” the team and all associated projects" but they can still be searched at the very bottom of the left hand column and everything can be unarchived or accessed when needed

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Adding my +1 to this. I’m not sure how this isn’t a feature? The majority of our teams are no longer relevant, but we still need to maintain all of the archived projects for historical purposes. Can’t we have a feature to simply hide a team and make it inactive?

it’s astonishing that this issue has existed for 3+ years and the only solutions provided are from dedicated CUSTOMERS of Asana who created workarounds for a feature that should have existed all along.

If there’s disagreement from the Product Team within Asana that this feature shouldnt exist, then the community needs to be educated on what that principle is, and what the right “asana way” should be.


The flaw with the workaround suggested throughout this thread - we came up with the same solution, but membership for all private projects within the teams were lost completely - adding members back into the team did not grant them access to their private projects again (even the project creators/owners).
They can be recovered by support, assuming you have a task link, project link, the exact name of the project, etc, however assisting users in finding it is problematic. Relying on users to move their private projects out of the team before this workaround is also unreliable at best. Unfortunately Admins cannot see private projects, so the absence of private projects can’t be confirmed.
If we’ve missed something, we’d love to hear about it.

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Voted up top and just want to leave another comment. Archiving Teams would be excellent for tracking historical data, without losing any, and without doing any of the “hacks” suggested in the thread.

echoing all of the above. This really needs to be prioritized at this point. The workaround is far from ideal.