Option To Archive Teams

Ditto everyone else here desperate to clean up their teams by way of archiving.


Yes! This is unbelievably frustrating. Please prioritize this.


@Marie is there any progress on this topic? If not, can Asana allow a free user like @liamthorpeyoung mentioned to neatly take old Teams out of everyone’s view? I don’t want to pay for user to accommodate something Asana should be able to do.


@James_Mullaly, I’ll let @Marie reply, but I’m pretty sure you could accomplish this with an out-of-domain user at no charge, like LoneTeamMember@gmail.com. And if you already have a gmail alias like mycompany@gmail.com you can invite mycompany+loneteammember@gmail.com to Asana w/o creating the alias to piggyback on mycompany.

@lpb thanks for the suggestion, however for security reasons we use SSO which requires a domain user for access.


Hi @James_Mullaly,

I don’t have an update just yet, but I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team, they might be able to assist you with the deletion of old Teams! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Adding my vote. I came here hoping that this was already solved. Thanks in advance!

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Adding to the crowd–we need this! Please make it happen Asana!

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Any updates on an option to be able to Archive Teams?


Please, for the love of Jesus and all that is holy. Archive. The. Teams.


Any update regarding this feature? Is there a timeline for when it comes?

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@Marie is there any updates on being able to archive/unarchive team areas where you don’t have to move the projects and delete the team space?


We form a new team every time we add a new client. When the project is over we need to be able to remove that team without also removing all of the data associated with that team.

We need this function ASAP.

We’d love to be able to archive Teams as well. It’s definitely having a negative impact on our workflow because we need to make sure to transfer all relevant data to projects before archiving them.

But seeing how this feature has been requested for two years now I doubt we’ll see anything anytime soon, if ever.

It’s really disappointing that Asana is so painfully slow to implement requested features (like an app) and instead focuses on changes nobody asked for (the way you can edit multiple tasks at once). It doesn’t inspire confidence in the product you use at all.

As others have suggested, I have created an Admin user who is added to all teams. Then Remove all other users from the teams you wish to archive. It is not slick, but works just as well as archiving a team.

Just to provide positive feedback for once - While some updates are a bit of a miss, I am impressed overall with Asana’s ability to roll out changes and keep the product up to date, efficient, and effective. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

This Feature would be super helpful!

As a creative agency we set up a team for each client and we don’t want to delete that team and lose previous project data as the project finishes as we’re likely to work with the same client again further down the road.

Without the possibility to archive a team, we end up with a long list of paused clients, which makes it difficult to find active projects/clients.

It has been two years. It doesn’t look like the most complicated feature, but I could be wrong.
Any update on this?

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+1 Seems like a simple option that for some reason isn’t happening. I’d really like to archive old teams and clear my Asana out. Even if it’s just not visible to me, or moving it down to an archived section below “Browse other teams” just in my view, other users can keep it where they want.

I was surprised to learn there is no option to archive teams. +1 This feature would be extremely useful.