Option to add/ delete Inbox notifications

Hi All,

I have a team of myself + 4 people. We have multiple tasks that recur add/ edit and they all show up in the inbox. I usually miss if someone tags me in a comment or in a message.

Is there a way to edit what shows up in the inbox or is there a separate section to see tags/ mentions within Asana?

It’s getting too bogged down with other tasks that people are completing/ adding and I’m missing things that people have tagged/ mentioned me on.

We’ve tried to overcome this by doing subtasks and assigning them to one another, however, sometimes everyone forgets and still uses the tag system.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Kaitlyn, there’s no way to filter items that flow through the inbox (vote for it here though!)

However I will say that if you wanted to see things with certain tags, etc. then maybe utilizing advanced searches would be beneficial? It won’t clear out the inbox per se, but might help. Maybe you can set it so that you don’t follow tasks and just have people @ you when it’s done, or needs your attention, etc.

In general though I recommend practicing ‘Inbox Zero’, I get hundreds of notifications and it can be super overwhelming, but overall I just really like going through each one until I hit zero. Also I judiciously use the ‘create reminder task’ hack in the inbox for tasks that require action, but I’m not ready to do it just yet (like maybe I’m cleaning out my inbox, etc.). You just hit the button and it assigns you a task to follow up on that task, and removes the notification. Fantastic thing.

But yeah if yall have a system using tags, advanced search will help a lot! =)


Thanks so much for your reply! How do I vote on the page you’ve attached? Do I just comment?

Also, I’m not familiar with the “create reminder task” or advanced search. We’re still on the free plan as we don’t have too many users, but it would be interesting to know the difference between free and paid.


There is a little mechanism on the top left of the post title, just hit vote and you’re good!

So in your ‘My Profile Settings’ there is a section called ‘Hacks’ - and keep in mind of course that these may come and go, but these have stuck around a long while.

The ‘reminder tasks from inbox’ is what I’m referring to. It’s SO helpful. It just creates a little button next to any notification in the inbox - like so:

Advanced search is super useful especially in managing large projects. For this instance, you know how when you click on a tag, it brings you to a list view similar to projects, where you can view incomplete/completed tasks by project? Imagine that, but dialed up like 90 notches - where you could see ‘tasks with tag X, created by X, assigned to Y, due within 7 days’ or what have you. And you can favorite these searches (to show up in the left sidebar) or share them with execs (I have several of these), etc.

I have many advanced searches for things like - tasks that are ‘in review’ (a custom field across the org), so I can see what needs to be reviewed - same thing for tasks that are marked blocked, needs update, etc.

I also have some more complex ones like tasks due within 10 days, assigned to Y, in project X, that is status Z. I use these to check specific groups or teams with lots of tasks that maybe I don’t need to follow each one, but I need to check in on.

Here’s asana’s little page on the differences though if you want to know the breakdown


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Thank you!

I also want this feature. Pls add! I am surprised it is already possible to choose what notifications you want to receive in your Asana inbox.

Hi Caisha,

I have asked people to @ me in tasks but I am not receiving any sort of notification. How can I utilize this feature, @, so I can have people tag me when I need to look at something?

Sorry for not being more clear, I just meant that if you don’t need to follow the task, just have people @-mention you when it’s completed, so you get a notification.

Mentioning someone when they’re already following the task won’t do anything but make the name stand out in the comment text, so that’s why you’;re not getting notifications about that specifically (though you would still get the comment notification in the inbox regardless).

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