Opt_fields stories.* no longer works?


Hi. For the last 2 years, we were using the special opt_field “stories.xxx” to get stories details directly, from the [/projects | tags/xxx/tasks] list.

But now, this field is no longer returned.

It is not returned for list of tasks [/projects/xyz/tasks], or for a single task ["/tasks/xxx"].

The only way to get stories, is by getting them from [/tasks/xxx/stories].

Did you change something recently that can affect this? I didn’t find any documentation about changes with stories + tasks VS opt_fields.

Thank you


Hi @Frederic_Malenfant,

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. You are correct that this field is not in our documentation. It was actually never a supported or documented field. Recently, developers started using it, which caused stability issues for the API, so we have removed it. Because it was never supported or documented, we did not use our deprecation framework. Again, sorry for any confusion or frustration caused by this change.