Open Q&A with Asana Customer Success (every Wednesday of 2020 at 11am PT)

Hi everyone! :wave: This is Carla from Asana’s Customer Education team. As teams worldwide shift to remote work, the Asana team wants to support your efforts to stay connected and clear on priorities. Our Customer Success team is hosting an open Q&A session focused on remote collaboration every Wednesday in April at 11am PT. Space for each session is limited — reserve your spot for the next session and join as many as you like!


Hello Asana Customer Success Team,
I was a part of the first session on April 8. I had my question answered then but didn’t have time to research it more. I was wondering if the session was recorded so I could review the answer I got that day.
John Hodson

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Hi! I registered for this Q&A a week ahead of time, and then on the day of, the webinar was not let into the meeting. I sat with the “connecting” pop up for 50 minutes before needed to move on with my day.

Is it typical to register for a meeting and to not be let in?