Open PDFs shared in Onedrive with the Onedrive app (in iOS)

We’ve attached PDFs that are stored in Onedrive to tasks. When we click on these attachments in the IOS app, it opens them in a browser tab (Safari or Chrome). If we could get the link in the task to open the Onedrive app instead, then we would be able to use that app to highlight, mark up, make comments, etc.

I haven’t found anything in IOS that would allow me to designate a certain app to handle a certain type of link.

Has anyone else run into this and found a workaround?

Hi @Rich_Martin, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to open the file in the OneDrive app. I’ve sent your feedback to our product team and also moved this thread to our #mobile:androidios-feedback category to gather more feedback.

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