Open image attachments in separate window or tab



When a story has an attached image, if I click on that image, it opens in a full-window panel. This panel offers basic slideshow functionality, in that thumbnails are shown across the bottom for all image attachments on that story and I can click back and forth between all image attachments.

My issue with this slideshow being opened in the same window is that often a comment on a story, or the story description, will talk about the attached image. To make sense of the attached image it is necessary to read the story or comments at the same time and scan between the two - read, check image; check image, read. This is not possible when the image opens over the top of the story.

You can use CTRL+Click to open in a new tab, or right-click and choose open in a new window (2 clicks) but neither option loads the slideshow functionality; each opens only the one image.

A nice option would be to open the slideshow functionality in a new window or tab - even better if I can achieve this via a single left-click.


Thanks for this feedback @chris.rehberg, and for providing us with context, it’s super helpful! Hopefully this is something we can fix soon, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have some updates!