Open files attached to Projects



Hi There
Would anyone know how to find (shortcut) all files, media or attachments to a project? without going in the tasks and manually look for it???
Please help!


@Marco_Hernandez, All attachments to to tasks and conversations in the entire project are found in the Files tab. Here’s what that looks like when it’s empty, but when there are files they’ll replace that informational message:


@ Ipb
Wow mate thanks!!! I cant believe that it was there and I couldn’t see it.
Thanks and happy weekend


Hey Quick question to add to this topic
I have been notified that this page will keep all the files that had once added to the Project, even if the old files had been removed from the project and replaced with new ones?
Is that still the case or not?
Thanks again


I don’t think that’s the case, and I just did a very quick test of adding a file to a task, proving it’s in the Files tab, removing it from the task, proving it’s removed from the Files tab. So I think it only shows current files, which was always my understanding.


Hi Larry

Yes I just try it myself and it did it too Great!
apparently it wasn’t the case though, one of my colleague whom was using Asana previously (I am only new with Asana) may be it was just a glitch.
Thanks for your hel[p