OOPs - New Client Email Forwarding Error

Hi - I am new at this!!! I have 2 email addresses - only one on the Asana app - accidentally forwarded an email from the email account NOT on Asana to the address x.mail.asana.com - am a little concerned because I have no idea where it landed…
Any advice - suggestions answers???

It should have been discarded by Asana server and as a response you should have received an email saying the address does not match any account, don’t you?

so far I didn’t receive an email like that…checked spam and everything…that is what concerns me!!!

Hi @Amittai_Benami and welcome to the Forum!

I can confirm what @Bastien_Siebman already said here, unless the forwarding email is attached to your Asana account, it will automatically be ignored by our servers, and the tasks won’t be created!

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Thank you!

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