Only top level tasks in calendar view


Not being able to see all tasks in the calendar view on smaller projects is frustrating. Maybe this is a paid feature but you should have the option of seeing all the tasks within a project on the calendar not just the top level tasks.


It’s not paid feature. Here are all premium features.


I think ideally the Calendar Views would have a filter to determine what’s shown. Project calendars show only tasks and not subtasks, but team calendars show everything. As a result, we don’t use the team calendar at all because it includes dozens of subtasks with the same name from our templates.


@BA_BA you can create a Custom calendar view by running an Advanced Search for the criteria you’d like Tasks to meet (from a certain Project, due on certain dates) and then viewing that List of Tasks on the Calendar. More here!


@BA_BA One way to solve this is to assign the Sub Task to the parent Project and relevant section as well. Using “ALT P” sample below

Both the Sub Task High Level Plan and the Parent Tasks Engagement of Sandra Team are part of the MRM-ChangeActivities project so both are visible in the Calendar.



Hey everyone :slight_smile: Just wanted to let you know that I gave a little bit more detail on this topic here: Why subtasks don't appear in your Project Calendar