Only task assignee can see their own task within a project and team


I’m trying to understand how to accomplish this:

I have all my departments as Teams, each team has projects.

Some departments have a bunch of freelancers on it for example writers who have no business talking to each other or knowing each others’ tasks.

For these departments I don’t want them to see each-other’s tasks or comments.

So if I make the project private, they can only see each other’s task, but then they don’t get to see the view for the project I see with tasks they can move between sections. I have to add them to the project individually.

If I assign a task in the private project to a user, they can see the task ONLY in the “my task” link in their asana sidebar, but they cannot see the project view.

If I have a private project and add each member individually can they can see other tasks in project that aren’t assigned to them?


You want users to see the Project Task list but not what is in the Task unless it’s assigned to them?

That’s a level of access control that doesn’t exist in Asana.

It sounds like you understand your current options.

  • Private Project
    – Don’t add users to the Project and they only see the Tasks when they are followers.
  • Add User to a Project
    – User can see all Tasks and the contents of the Tasks in the Project

There is a see but not edit permission. But no see Task exists but not contents of the Task option.


You want users to have a project view that only contains their Tasks?
Something other than My Tasks, i.e. they have Tasks in 3 Projects they have 3 Projects views that only lists their Tasks.

Again, that’s a level of access control that doesn’t exist in Asana.

You could do the following, but it would be cumbersome and I won’t recommend it.

  1. Create a “main” private Project
  2. Add all Tasks to the “main” private Project
  3. Only add users to the “main” private Project that you want to see all Tasks.
  4. Add “limited” users that aren’t added to the “main” private Project as a follower to the their Tasks. So they only see their Tasks in the Project.
  5. Create another “user” private Project for each “limited” user.
  6. Add the “limited” user’s Tasks from the “main” private Project to their “user” private Project as a second Project added to the Task.

A less cumbersome way to this would be to create one “user” private Project for each “limited” user and a Section in the “user” Project for each “main” Project. But I don’t see any of this being worth the effort required to maintain it.


Correct, this is what I want. How can that not be possible, seems like a no brainer since many companies use freelancers, writers, that have no reason to see other peoples tasks or conversations, but I as the company boss need to put them on a team to track all the writers.

Dang it!


I can’t speak for Asana and explain why they haven’t done this. But I will say that user access control can get complicated quickly. And the more feature rich (AKA complicated) you make it the more rope you give the users.

For the freelancers, they have My Tasks to see all Tasks assigned to them. And can use the search Tasks and Conversations I’m Following for all Tasks they are following. Not perfect for what you want, but functional.

For you, you have full view of all the Projects and Tasks.

There is an existing topic in Feature Requests regarding user permissions you may want to check out.