Only find overdue tasks


I’m not seeing a way to ONLY find overdue tasks.!

The following search settings will find overdue tasks plus tasks due today. How do I ONLY find overdue tasks? Seems like project management 101 yet I’m not “finding” it.




Hi @Bill_Doerrfeld :wave:t3:

The best way to exclude your task due today is the “Due date field” with a date range between say last year and yesterday; I have attached below an example :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Thanks but nope it doesn’t help as it’s too cumbersome to have to rely on re-entering custom dates each day. That’s not what high productivity is all about. Please alter Asana’s behavior in this regard. This could be accomplished by having a Today option within the search with options including “Prior To” or “After” or something of that nature.