OneDrive SharePoint File Picker does not load SharePoint sites any more

Our organization is also affected by this. Hoping for a resolution soon!

We also are having this issue. Following to know when a resolution is reached.

We are also having this issue.

For about a year, we’ve been able to use the task’s Attachment icon > OneDrive/SharePoint to link to a file on a SharePoint site. Now, the OneDrive window opens but SharePoint sites are no longer listed on the left like they used to be. Our SharePoint Admin is unaware of any change on our end.

Do you all still see SharePoint sites listed there, or is this happening for everyone? Any idea why these went away? We don’t want to use the sync to OneDrive feature for various reasons… so as a workaround, people have to paste a shareable link in the task description or comments.

Our Office 365 Admin told me he has two apps enabled in Azure AD for immediate authentication for our users – “Asana For Teams” and “Asana OneDrive thumbnails”. Is there another one that is now needed for this integration to work?

I’m including a screenshot of an image I found online showing SharePoint sites lifted on the left pane under the OneDrive My Files section. We used to see that list of SharePoint files, and we no longer do.


Hi @Heather_Beaudoin, thanks for your report!

There is currently a bug and some customers are unable to attach files from Sharepoint. This has been escalated to the product team so we can investigate further and solve this issue asap. We’ll keep you posted!


Checking back in on this as it is impacting our internal workflows and client access to files. Can someone from Asana please provide an status update on this as it’s causing issues here. Thx

Thanks for letting me know it’s a bug. Do you know when this issue started/was first reported? What’s Asana’s policy on updating us on fixed bugs? Will I be notified when it’s fixed since I identified as someone who is impacted by it? Since it’s not working, I won’t be clicking the button until it’s fixed, so I won’t just see it’s fixed all of a sudden.

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We are also having this problem and its happening just as Im setting up a large number of tasks with linked files!! Is there any update on this bug?

I thought it was just me

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I opened a ticket with support on this issue last Tuesday (9/7/2021).

After the initial - have tried with other browsers, clearing cache, etc. I haven’t received a response?

Is there an update on this issue? This a major work blockage for our users.

Emily - What is progress on this solution? It would be great to hear when/why this feature stopped working, and when it will be remedied.

Same problem for me too!

Is there any progress on this as its a big time problem for our staff?

Glad to see there are lots of other users with the same issue as mine. This is causing significant disruption now to our workflows. I really hope a fix is in the pipeline very soon (as in in the next hour or two LOL).

I am still looking for some workarounds if there are any: Asana & Sharepoint Integration is broken - any workaround?

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Hi all :wave:t2:

Thanks for your patience here! I just wanted to let you know that while we don’t have a fix for this just yet, our Engineering team are working directly with Microsoft so we hope to have a fix soon!

In the meantime, you can try switching to tile view and reloading the picker by right clicking and reloading as a workaround! :slight_smile:


In Asana when attaching files from OneDrive/Sharepoint, the recent files tab appears broken (see screenshot). I am guessing this might be on the Microsoft/Office365 side of things, but I can’t confirm, so I putting here in case it is somehow tied to the way Asana calls in this information.

When you click on ‘Recent’ it displays an error message:
Something went wrong. Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘nextRequestToken’)

Hi @Ben_Brenner, thanks for raising this!

There is currently a bug and some customers are unable to attach files from Sharepoint. This has been escalated to the product team so we can investigate further and solve this issue asap. We’ll keep you posted!

So I can actually upload from both OneDrive (Business) and Sharepoint sites that appear in the left-hand side and navigate, but without a ‘Search’ function having the ‘Recent’ files option is super convenient.

So, I don’t think my issue is quite the same as the issues above because all my Sharepoint sites load without issue - I just can’t see recent files.

What I can’t see are the recent files I opened/viewed/edited in OneDrive - which does work online in OneDrive in the web:

Hi all :wave:t2: I can confirm that this issue has now been fixed :tada: Thank you all for your patience!

If you’re still running into issues, let me know :slight_smile:

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