One-person team tips?

I use Asana at work and really like it. I’ve decided to try using it for my personal life, both to manage my to-do list and to organize some of the projects I’m working on (new skills I’m learning, things around the house, etc.).

For those of you who have already been running a one-person organization, what tips do you have? I’m already finding it a bit frustrating that I can’t automatically assign all tasks for myself without upgrading.

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Welcome to the Community Forum @tacotaco!

I would recommend creating a Workspace instead of a Team within the Organization. You will easily be able to switch between the Organization and your personal Workspace, and if you ever leave the Organization, you will still have access to your private tasks!

We have an existing feedback request: Assign automatically tasks when the team is composed by one person I recommend you to upvote!

I hope this helps!

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Thanks! This is very helpful. My company uses single sign on for Asana, which is tied to my work email.

For my personal work, I’ve just created a new “company” on the free tier. It seems like it might be possible instead to set up a workspace through my company’s account. If I do that:

  • Is there any risk that people at my company can view my personal workspace? I’d like to keep them completely separate.
  • Will I have get all the benefits of my company’s paid account in my personal workspace?
  • How can I link the work that I’ve already done with my own “organization” set up with my personal email? I tried adding a workspace in work account, but it keeps telling me that my password is wrong when I enter my personal email in the secondary email modal.
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If you are PERSONAL workspace, then all the Projects, tasks in the that WORKSPACE are 100% private to you, unless you choose to share it with people, bunch of people in comments or in conversations.

Hope this helps.

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I have been using PRIVATE tasks in my organization workspace. whenever, you create a task from MY TASKS, the initial state of task is always PRIVATE. That way, you will be keeping the PRIVATE Tasks in your organization, where the tasks scope is private logically. When it develops, you can always move the private tasks to shared private / public project and / or share it with selected people in comments.

ASANA is beautiful in this sense, and this is one of things I love about asana. There are many things in my organization, which I do privately untill certain time, and I don’t want to share it with anyone, untill a specified time. When the time comes, I just have to share that task with everyone, and my history is shared, saying, that I have been doing work.

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Thank you so much for sharing @Salman_Khwaja! This is extremely helpful!

I also have a personal Workspace that I use to organize my home tasks, my supermarket list and food for the week! :house: Those tasks are private to me.

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