ONE FEATURE TO RULE THEM ALL: Task time management overview

One of the main issues with all the Kanbans, lists, timelines is it’s still hard to look at your board and plan your day. With busy schedules the ability to quickly see how much predicted time tasks will take that are assigned for that day versus how much free time you will have left in your work hours for meetings etc is needed.

Some key features:

  1. Have the daily time management overview for tasks be a side bar popup visible on list or board view.

  2. When creating tasks add a field that asks estimated time for task to be completed (same on subtasks) and user will select when its due by (or better yet window of time its due in so Asana can suggest tasks nearing due date to be done when theres extra time in day), last if it has to be done at certain time a time can be added or you can say morning, noon

  3. Now youll click time management sidebar popup and itll show you all the tasks due today and how much total time they are estimated to take. Itll also sort them to what time of day you said they would need to be done by and itll show the windows of free time you have to add productive tasks you may not have thought you could get to or you can schedule it for emails and admin work…basically this will help organize day, show availability and help people time block which is essential to productive time management.