On the My Tasks Tab, how do I get a Project to show up there


When I go to the My Tasks Tab, some projects show up there under the Later Tab, but not all. Some just have there individual tasks at the top, and not grouped by project at the bottom. But some do… am I missing something?

When I chose an independent task, and mark it for ‘Later’, it disappears and does not show up under the Later Section.



Have a look at the sort and filter options of My Tasks at the top. This is my setup. Make sure “Save view for everyone” when done, and keep it mind it does not apply to everyone in My tasks :sweat_smile:


Great question, @John_King!

I think @Bastien_Siebman brings up a great point here. You may want to sort your “My Tasks” by project in order to see the tasks grouped by project: https://asana.com/guide/help/views/basics#gl-default

Also, if you move a task to the Later section it’ll automatically group tasks by project unless the task isn’t associated with a project. If the latter, the task can be found at the bottom of the Later section in the “No Project” section.

Hope this helps!